Today’s world has become confusing, far more than in previous generations. The confusion and chaos of today is a reflection of spiritual darkness and spiritual sickness.  It is a sign of impurity, the result of the darkness of exile.  As we get closer to the Messianic era, to the redemption, there is greater darkness which tries to oppose holiness and truth.  All the confusion we see today (such as gender issues etc.) is a manifestation of spiritual darkness and impurity.  In a dark room, things become blurred and difficult to differentiate one thing from another. Similarly, in a dark world, truth becomes obscured and it is harder to feel clarity in things that to previous generations were so simple and natural. What is the “cure”? To add more light. When you bring a candle into a dark room, it lightens up the entire place.  When you bring more light and holiness and purity into  today’s dark society, it certainly brings healing to the world.

Lack of observance of family purity also causes a blemish in the spiritual realm which can then bring to the world more spiritual darkness and confusion , G-d forbid.  The way to heal the world is to increase in light and holiness.  Adding in proper observance of mikvah (taharat hamishpocha, family purity) brings greater purity to the world.  To learn more about the observance of this mitzva, please see the section called Kallah classes. Even if you are already married many years, you can review these laws and add more purity to the world.  All Jewish women can work to promote the observance of mikvah and family purity, helping to bring redemption and greater holiness to the entire world. In the merit of the righteous women of our generation, we will go out of exile, just as in Egypt the Jewish people were redeemed in the merit of the righteous women of that generation.Ladies, let’s get to work!