Again Israel is under attack and the terrorists and much of the media try to turn it around and make Israel look like the aggressor.  The United Nations again turns against Israel, trying to put the blame on them.  Well, the reason for all this is because we need to do the right thing and stop going on the defensive, trying to convince the world that Israel has a right to defend herself or has a right even to exist. The best, and actually the only way, to put an end to the violence and terrorism in israel is to do what the Lubavitcher Rebbe said: to tell the truth to the world, that the land of Israel was given to us by G-d Almighty and we have no right to give away one piece of it. It is our land. Nobody can argue with the Torah. Everyone needs to speak up.  We need to proudly speak up that this land was given to us by the Creator of the world and any terrorist seeking to destory us must be eliminated. That is the path to true peace and victory. May we merit the geula shleima with Moshiach very, very soon and truly live in our land in peace.

We are also approaching the holiday of Shavuot, the giving of the Torah. It is an especially auspicious time to renew our commitment to Torah and mitzvot, which also brings peace and healing to the world.