Again a horrible attack by Amalek! Yes, that is what I said..Amalek. Anyone who hates the Jews simply because the are Jews stems from Amalek. Anybody who would kidnap innocent young Jewish teens, yeshivah bochurim, just because they are Jewish is from Amalek. Isnt it about time to get rid of Amalek??
The Torah teaches that even when Moshiach comes, G-d’s throne is not complete until we wipe out Amalek.
But what does Amalek represent?
Spiritually we know that Amalek represents doubt….doubt in one’s faith in G-d, and in fact it represents coldness, lack of enthusiasm in one’s Divine service.
As it says in Torah, when the Jews left Egypt, the nation of Amalek cooled them off…..cooled off their enthusiasm for going to receive the Torah, their enthusiasm in following Moshe into the desert….Amalek cools one to truth and dulls one’s spiritual sensitivities.
And isnt that what the nations connected to Amalek do? they throw panic into the world. They bring doubt into people’s minds and hearts. They bring fear into people.
So the only way to fight Amalek is to destroy Amalek!
But not only on the spiritual plane.
Isnt it time for Israel to go in there and get rid of all those terrorists, and all those people who rejoice when a  young Jewish child is kidnapped? isn’t it time for Israel to stand up for what is right, to stop negotiating with murderers and get rid of the evil?? isn’t it time for Israel to stop caring what the world will think and simply care what G-d will think. G-d wants us to get rid of Amalek. G-d wants us to win this war with Amalek. And the only way to do that is to be strong and not back down for a moment. To say the truth. To tell the whole world that Israel belongs to the Jews because G-d gave it to us. And nobody has a claim to any part of our land. And therefore anyone who wants to start war or try to use terrorism or kidnapping to accomplish their evil purposes will no longer be tolderated! That is the only language the nation of Amalek understands. Now is not the time to ‘negotiate”. you cant negotiate with murders. you have to speak their language!