It is now the start of the month of Elul.  Let us use this auspicious time properly to pray for all our needs. All year long, the King of Kings, the Creator of the universe, is in His “palace” and not so easily accessible except for his ministers .  But in Elul, the King leaves His palace and goes out to the field: to the common people, with a smiling countenance, ready to greet everyone happily and grant all their requests.

So this is the month to prepare for the Jewish new year: to pray for everything and pour out our hearts to Hashem.  Of course, it is the month to increase in Torah and tzedakah (charity) and good deeds. It is also the month to increase in prayers and to do teshuvah (commonly translated as “repentance”) to come back to the right path and back to our spiritual balance.

May we all merit to have our prayers answered for the good and to merit a healthy, happy, prosperous new year: a shana tova umetukah.