Now we have entered the month of Elul, the  month of rachamim, mercy. The time when the mercy of Hashem wakes up and we are very close to Hashem in this month. It is a time to pray for everything we need and to do teshuvah in preparation for the upcoming high holiday season.  It says in this month Hashem Himself is in the field, so to speak. Usually the King is in His palace, not as easily accessible. But in Elul there is a metaphor describing Hashem as the King in the field. He leaves His palace and comes to the field to greet all His subjects. This is the time anyone can approach the King and ask for all our needs and wishes. So utilize this time wisely. Increase in deeds of goodness and kindness, in charity and prayer.
May we all merit a ketiva vchatima tova, a shana tova umetukah. From the 15th of Av, Tu Bav, we already begin wishing one another a good new year.
May this new year bring the greatest good, the complete redemption through Moshiach.