The entire world is suffering in some way or another. If it is not coronavirus, it is some other virus. There are financial woes, insecurities, anxieties, marriage problems, shidduchim problems…..there seems to be no lack of problems whatever direction one looks.

Nevertheless, all of these things are part of a higher plan: the plan to bring Moshiach. How should we relate to this? By realizing now is the time, in these final moments of galus, to work on refining ourselves, fixing relationships (including our relationship with our Creator), and to fix whatever needs fixing in our corner of the world.  This is part of preparing ourselves and our surroundings for the imminent redemption. 

Very soon we will be the first generation of geula (of redemption) rather than the last generation of galus.  lET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN. We should already practice living with a geula mentality. Let’s focus on the positive. Let’s focus on happiness and on making others happy. Let’s focus on learning about Moshiach. Let’s focus on spreading the teachings of chassidus outwards so it is accessible to everyone and something each person can find relevant in their own lives. Let’s add in deeds of goodness and kindness: one more deed can tip the scales and actually bring the redemption to all of mankind, as the Rambam emphasized.

Instead of despair, let’s work on repair. Instead of darkness, let’s focus on light. Instead of sadness, let’s practice joy. Instead of doubts, let’s increase faith . Instead of fear, let’s work on trust.  As we fix ourselves, the Almighty will do His part to fix the entire world.  

Tonight and tomorrow is the passing of the Baba Sali.  He was such a great Tzadik renowned for his miracles. May his merit protect us and bring us salvation and only blessings.