Yesterday I saw an interview with an orthodox Rabbi and a woman who was from the conservative/reform movement. She was literally shouting because the Rabbi (and in general the orthodox Jews) were trying to stand up for Torah and implement proper conduct at the hoy western wall (the Kotel). This woman was shouting that they (the reform/conservative Jews) have a right to do whatever they want at the wall (meaning to pray in the men’s section, to dress immodestly etc.). And she was justifying her position saying that all Jews have a right to the land of Israel and to the western wall and she was literally screaming irrationally about sinat chinam (hatred between Jews). It was almost comical because she was throwing out expressions like sinat chinam exactly the way leftists and liberals do: full of negative angry emotions, trying to use sentences to bring out guilt in people and make the orthodox Jews look somehow wrong. What she failed to realize is that if she wants to talk about sinat chinam then she needs to take responsibility for her actions in respect to Torah.  It is Torah that defines sinat chinam.  Does she really think it is ahavat Yisrael and respect to disregard Torah and the feelings of the orthodox Jews (who are trying to uphold Torah) in order to try to implement her nonsense that has no basis in torah or Judaism? 

The Beit Hamikdash exists because King Solomon and Torah observant Jews built a house for Hashem. The Kotel was part of the Beit Hamikdash.  Anyone who does not accept Torah, has to question why they even go to pray at the Kotel….what spiritual meaning does it really have for them?

 To disrespect and dishonor Hashem and Torah is never acceptable. That is where people make a mistake. If a person wants to dishonor Torah, dishonor Hashem and disregard what His will is, it is totally chutzpadik to do so in public!   Why are reform or conservative Jews coming to push their way in to worship at the western wall (the holiest place in Jerusalem) if they do not even believe in Torah and what Hashem wants or what defines holines??? What is the point? Just to stir up controversy and anger? THAT is sinat chinam!  Religious Jews are not protesting to stir up controversy or make a point. They protest to stand up for the honor of Hashem and Torah. Why do reform or conservative Jews feel they have more rights than Torah observant Jews do??? Why is it always a one sided selfish perspective that they show to the world?

It is very sad to even speak like this. Nobody wishes to see arguments between Jews. Everyone needs to respect each other….but respect has to also be in accordance with respect for Torah. Israel is not just another country. It is a holy land. It is the land upon which G-d’s eyes are upon it from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. It is a land which does not tolerate anything that goes against Torah.

There are plenty of “walls” people can go and worship in front of if they want….but if someone wants to worship specifically at the kotel, the holy wall, it has to be done the way G-d wants and intended.  A Jew does not have to be religious to go to the Kotel. Anyone is welcome to pray there. But show respect!  Dress appropriately. Follow the rules. Show you care. Otherwise, why bother???

May there be a blessing of peace upon all the Jewish nation and all the world. But we need to say the truth and stand up for the honor of Torah.