The awesome responsiblity of being a Jew

As we stood in shul listening to the Torah reading for Shavuos,  to hear the aseres hadibros,  I  pictured in my mind the tremendous drama that unfolded at Har Sinai and how  Hashem Himself spoke and we all heard him.  I found myself thinking “But why did  Hashem create this world? What does He gain from it?”
I know Chassidus  explains that Hashem created the world because He desires a dwelling place in  the lowest realms. Somehow, for some unfathomable reason, that gives Hashem 
great pleasure. 
But why then did He create so much evil in the world? I know , so  we should have free choice.
And then it kind of struck me: free choice. That  is the key to everything. We, His chosen nation, have free choice. We can choose  to help Hashem actualize His desire and plan for the world by becoming His  partner…by following the Torah, doing the mitzvahs  and
 increasing in doing goodness and kindness in order to bring about the  redemption of the world and the geula. 
He wants us to be His partner. He wants us to choose to help Him  and to choose to take up His cause, so to speak. He wants us to choose so He can  reward us. He does not want us to just do things as robots without any choice. He wants us to choose good, to choose to follow in His ways and to reveal the underlying G-dliness in the world. 
He even implanted within each and every Jew an actual part of  Himself, a Divine soul. Such a tremendous responsibility we have since we carry  within ourselves a part of G-d. If, G-d forbid, we do not choose properly in  life, we shlep Hashem Himself into our mess.   
Certainly we do not want to shlep Hashem into impurity. He  descended , so to speak, into the impurity of Egypt to rescue us from that. But   for us to shlep Him into purity because of wrong actions or sins is a very sad   situation.
 So we have to think constantly that we have a soul, a part of  Hashem, and we have to respect that and take care of our souls. Our neshomahs  want only holiness, purity and goodness. And that is what Hashem wants too.  He  may have created “evil” in order to provide us free choice, but He certainly  wants us to choose good. And then we actually become Hashem’s partners in  fulfilling the purpose for creation and in bringing about the redemption from  this last and most painful galus. 
And the key to everything is to accept the Torah with happiness,  to spread its teachings (especially the inner mystical dimension, pnimiyus of  Torah, Chassidus). And when we do our part with joy and good hearts, surely  Hashem will fulfill His promise to redeem us. 
 So maybe I don’t understand why Hashem really  created this world the way it is or what He gains out of it (and I dont have to understand), nevertheless, since  we are created beings and Hashem wants us to do His will, it certainly behooves  us to say “naaseh vnishma”. We don’t have to understand: we just have to do,  with kabbolos ol, with humility, and I suppose that is what Hashem loves. He  loves to see simple Jews, who certainly do not understand things on a lofty  level, doing mitzvoth with happiness and rejoicing in being Jewish. This is what  gives Hashem pleasure.  And I guess that is what makes this world worthwhile to Him. 
And we owe it to Him to think about what we can  do to give Hashem nachas. After all, He does so much for us every single second,  including bringing us into existence. We certainly should think how to make Him  happy!  We, as parents, get so much  nachas from our children when they fulfill our will and respect us and try to  please us. As Hashem’s children it is very much the same idea. 
 The Torah we receive each year on Shavuos has to permeate us  deeply, within, and bring about a change of consciousness. We need to connect to Torah, to Hashem, to holiness….by doing so we have the strength to light up the world and to bring redemption. If we don’t do it, who will? Each of us has to feel responsible for our portion of the world . We are G-d’s emissaries to fulfill what He wants done. What an awesome privilege! What an awesome responsibility!