Leaving Egypt

Pesach is approaching. Freedom is in the air. Everyone is busy cleaning their house and on a spiritual level we are cleaning inside our souls, our minds and hearts, to remove any spiritual “chametz” which is the idea of ego.   That is why we eat matza: matza does not leaven. It is the idea of humility. When the Jews left Egypt our dough did not leaven. Why not? because G-d Himself appeared to us and therefore in front of holiness the dough was unable to leaven! When we eat matza we experience that humility again and that revelation of holiness . Eating shmura matza on Pesach is eating actual G-dliness. So crunch away!
Pesach is a holiday that touches the essence of every Jew. We became a nation on Pesach. It is the birth of the Jewish people! 
The idea of leaving Egypt is the idea of going out of our comfort zone, leaving our personal limitations and straits. 
Pesach means to leap over. this is the time of year when we can leap over all obstacles (from within or without), and leap over all problems, all limitations and all negative aspects of life. We can leap to freedom.
And as pesach approaches, we hear the footsteps of Moshiach. Just as we were redeemed in Nissan through Moshe Rabbenu when we left Egypt. So now we should merit to be redeemed in Nissan with the coming of Moshiach.  
This is the month of miracles and so may we merit miracles and the greatest miracle of all, the final redemption!