Now, just before the coming of Moshiach, the whole world is a big test.  We are all challenged with a society that is filled with darkness,confusion, immorality, wrong ideas and lack of clarity.   But as we read the story of Avraham Avinu in the Torah, we see how Avraham lived at a time where there was only idolatry .   He was one man against the entire world!  He was just a small child when he understood there was only One Creator of the world and he made it his mission to spread that truth to others. He did not get affected by the ideas of the society around him. Even his own father worshipped idols but Avraham rejected that lifestyle.  He spent his life promoting the belief in One God and rejecting idolatry in any form. He spent his life traveling and spreading light. And that is what we need to do as well. We need to stand up against anything that opposes truth. We need to prepare every corner of the world for the imminent redemption.  After all, Moshiach will come for the entire world. The entire world must be ready.  When we focus on our mission, we will not fall into wrong thinking or any form of subtle idolatry (such as worshipping money, fame, power, celebrities, wrong ideals , politicians etc.).  

The Jewish nation is a nation built on miracles.  Our beginning was miraculous. Our existence until today has been one long series of miracles.  We are not a nation defined by or controlled by nature.  We know the only truth is Torah. The only thing that defines us and directs us is Torah. Before we do anything, we need to think if this is what Torah would want: if this is what God would want. When we think correctly and emulate our forefathers and the great tzadikim throughout history, we are assured of success.   It is the Almighty Who grants success . 

Each of us, in our own homes and communities, must promote faith in God and must spread light: the light of Torah.   Each of us is a shaliach (a messenger) from God to purify and elevate our corner of the world.  What we can accomplish, someone else cannot. We each have our unique purpose and duty. May we fulfill our mission with joy and gladness of heart.