I was thinking about how the entire world is now wearing masks.  What is a mask? It hides who you are. On Purim, there is a custom for us to wear masks. The mask hides our face but allows us to reveal another aspect of ourselves.  In life we all wear masks on a spiritual level. We pretend many things in order to fit into society, or to get approval from others, or to make ourselves happy etc. etc.

Why now is the Almighty causing the whole world to wear masks?? Maybe we need to discover who we truly are inwardly. We need to go to our essence.

Suddenly it is not important if we look beautiful or have make up on or are smiling or not….the mask covers it all. But we can reach to our inner spiritual core.

We all look the same with a mask on.  We all are united in a certain way. We all are wearing the mask to protect ourselves and others: we develop a sense of consideration and a sense of feeling somehow protected. Our true protection comes from G-d Almighty. A mask is only a vessel to bring down the blessing of protection.  But the mask is also a constant reminder that there is a force higher than us Who controls everything. It is a constant reminder of our vulnerability. We have to become humble and relate to others and the world in a different manner.  And isn’t that what it is all about? To change ourselves and the world, to make it a better place for mankind so we can soon greet Moshiach in actuality.

So embrace your mask. Allow it to affect you inwardly too. Clothing affect us inwardly as well as externally. What we wear influences how we feel. The mask does the same.

But on a happier note, it can be Purim every day!  G-d can change His decrees in an instant and change everything to a better level. This is the idea of the salvation of Purim. Let the mask bring us the blessings of Purim constantly.