It is very nice that America has one day of the year to sit down and give thanks for everything.  But as Jews, everyday is thanks giving! In fact, the power of recognizing the blessings one has and offering thanks to the Almighty is very important and has even brought miracles to many people.  It is something that is not always easy to do because we tend to focus on what we are lacking rather than on what we have. It is human nature to take one’s blessings for granted and to constantly feel what one lacks or wants.  However, it is very healing and balancing to take time each day to actually recognize all the good the Almighty bestows upon us and to take the time to thank Him.  When we do that we often will find that what we perceive as a lack will either be fulfilled, or we no longer will feel the lack because we are overwhelmed with all the good we perceive and all the blessings we have. So let every day be thanks giving!