We are a society shaped by the information that the news feeds us. And this is very dangerous. The news subtly tries to shape our views and force their opinions upon us. The problem is that many people are wishy washy these days and do not see reality. So they accept whatever the news says. The believe whatever is written on line. They stopped thinking or analyzing .  When Donald Trump coined the phrase “fake news”, he was right

We are a society brainwashed to think negatively. Instead of teaching ourselves and our children to think positive thoughts and to expect good things, we constantly pick up the idea of thinking negatively, expecting the worst and being pessimistic. 

When President Trump tested positive for coronavirus, the way the media jumped on the band wagon to start predicting what could happen to him, how sick he could get and who would take over for him was preposterous.  This trains us to constantly use our imagination in an exaggerated manner and to imagine the worst scenarios. Our imaginations run wild. This is what the media wants: to panic people.

They play on the power of imagination. They want to manipulate people towards their viewpoints and to manipulate people politically .   It is a very dangerous situation. So many young people who are unable to differentiate truth from falsehood; morality from immorality; right from wrong, are confused and do not know what to believe. They often follow the masses blindly. 

The media prays on the emotions of people. The left side is all about emotion. They constantly present ideas to rile the emotions in a wrong way or in a way for their benefit.  So people in society learn to think with their emotions instead of their minds.   This is problematic because one of the most important parts to making decisions is to be able to see the future: to see the end result of one’s decision.  If we look with emotions, we cannot be objective or truthful because our emotions cloud our perspective.   If we think with intellect and with wisdom and maturity, we think to the future and we think of consequences. This is what we all need to do.