Shana Tova Umetuka!!!

Wishing everyone a truly new year. Not just a new year in the sense of being Rosh Hashanah…but a new year, meaning a year that is very different and better than all previous years. A year of good health, of happiness, shalom bayit, parnassa , nachat and good news. But even more than that, it should be a NEW YEAR. A year that is better than all previous years. A year that Hashem should renew for us in a much refined way. A year that is filled with all kinds of positivity.  Only positivity. Only good things. Only good news. 

When Hashem renews His creation and we coronate Him and crown Him as our King, certainly He blesses us with all our needs. And we need redemption.  We need Moshiach. We need freedom from all negativity and problems.

This year pray that all dinim and gevurot should be sweetened at their spiritual source. Pray that Hashem should grant each and every Jew a truly sweet new year and a year that is new and better than ever before.