The topic is not new, unfortunately. But what we hope will be new will be a much stronger response from the government to terror….and more importantly, we hope and pray that the government and all Jewish people will have the strength to stand up and say the truth to the world: 
That the land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people because G-d gave it to us!  It is clearly written in the Torah, the Bible. 
So the idea of being "occupiers", the foolish excuse the arab world constantly throws out at the nations, is nothing more than imagination and brings confusion.There is no occupation…other than occupation by the arabs in our land!!
it does not matter if the British occupied the land at some point or if the arabs ever controlled the land at any time in history….none of that is relevant because we have to go back in history to the beginning of time when G-d gave the land of Israel to the Jews. That is all that matters. Nobody can argue with G-d. 
And honestly that is all that has to be said to the non Jewish nations. It is our land. Why are the arabs even trying to claim a part of it? And why are we even thinking of negotiating any part? the Lubavitcher Rebbe said that even thinking or talking about negotiations leads to blood shed and destruction because no Jew has the right to give away any part of the land of Israel to a non Jew. That is totally going against the will of G-d.
And in any war, to be victorious we need G-d on our side. Of course G-d protects the Jewish people and the land of Israel with constant miracles. But from our part we must declare the truth to the world and not be afraid of how the world may react. People respect truth.  And we must stand up strong and do what G-d wants.
We also have to increase in Torah and prayers and in ahavat yisrael.
So please everyone, say prayers for the safety of the Jewish people and the land of Israel. 
Make good resolutions to add in deeds of goodness and kindness and in mitzvot and additional tehilim etc.
May we merit the coming of Moshiach brachamim rabbim. 
The Rebbe always quoted a famous yalkut shemoni about how a ruler from Persia will threaten Israel and the Jewish nation will be surrounded by hostile nations who want our destruction chasve shalom…the Jews will be very much afraid and will not know where to turn or where to go….and at that moment Moshiach will arrive and will declare:
anavim, anavim, higia zman geulatchem…..humble ones, the time for your redemption has arrived. Everything Hashem did was for your sake.
Let us all pray that this time will be very soon, immediately now, and we will all merit the time of peace, true peace, and to dwell securely in our land, the land that G-d gave to us and the land that G-d’s eyes are upon from the beginn