It is appalling and shameful that New York passed a law allowing  abortion and not just at an early stage of pregnancy but right up to delivery time!  It is outright murder!!  It is disgusting, immoral and cruel. What has society come to?

According to the Torah, abortion is murder. Of course if there is a valid medical reason for an abortion which would mean saving the life of the mother, that is a different situation because then it is to save a life. But abortion for any other reason is not allowed and is actually considered murder.

How could such a law be passed in 20th century America, supposedly a civilized country? This is reminiscent of the type of mentality the nazis (may Hashem obliterate their names) were famous for.  Obviously in these last moments of galus, of exile, evil rears its ugly head in many forms in order to test people. That is why this world is filled with confusion, darkness, impurity, immorality, abnormality (calling darkness light) and all types of problems. And we need to stand up and fight evil. We need to fight these battles because these are battles against G-d Himself.

The leftists are actually destroying America. They poison the minds of the people, especially the young generation. They try to implant false and immoral attitudes. Everything becomes okay. This is a generation of selfishness: constantly taking selfies, constantly running after one’s own desires, worshipping one’s own feelings.   We matter too much! What happened to an attitude of bitul? Of selflessness? Where has that gone? Previous generations had that attitude in everything: in marriage, in life, in worshipping G-d, in following a Rebbe or a great Rabbi or leader.  

But now people are questioning basic morality and in fact trying to make immoral sinful ideas acceptable within society. Once abortion becomes acceptable, what will prevent eventually allowing murder? People do not understand limits.   Besides, once something as terrible as abortion becomes acceptable on any level, people will also think adultery is okay and every other kind of sin will become something that people will no longer feel is wrong. People will lose their sensitivity to spirituality and to truth and to holiness.

Just look at the type of tv shows and movies being produced today. Compare those to years ago where there was still family decency, marital limits etc. Now everything is shown right on a tv screen! The media brings everything to a person’s cell phone..

And the leftists fuel this selfishness in society. They do everything based on their feelings, emotions, their own beliefs, without any morality or consideration.  They shout their mantras of nonsense which are all based on emotion with no intellect and they try to make others feel guilty.  With this issue of abortion some women scream out that people have to respect a woman’s right to do what she wants with her body….how on earth is that an excuse to abort a baby??? What about respecting the baby’s right to be born? What about G-d, Who is ultimately the One blessing the person with a baby?  And yes, it is a blessing. Every child is a blessing.  Every child is born into this world for a purpose and it is cruel and selfish to try to say a mother can make the decision whether or not to actually give birth to the child G-d has blessed her with.  And how would going through the pain of an abortion (physical and psychological) be a way to make the woman feel better? On the contrary, she would feel guilty for the rest of her life for destroying her own child. And it is something that cannot be reversed.

How is it that the mother’s feelings count in an abortion issue but the baby has no rights?? How could anyone kill a baby like that or even consider killing a baby just before birth, and in such a cruel manner by giving a lethal injection? It is sickening and very saddening that our society has even reached such a level . There is no blessing in such a thing and I am sure these evil laws will be fought against and ultimately truth and goodness will prevail.  The baby is fully aware of everything going on even while in the womb and yet the baby has no voice to protest. Even a murderer is given a trial before being condemned but here the unborn baby is not even able to protest or argue in his or her defense! 

If a woman cannot handle having a baby, let the child be born and put up for adoption. There are many families that would welcome a child into their homes. Or, once the baby is born, the mother may suddenly decide she wants her baby because that maternal instinct awakens fully. But to destroy the baby’s life for the convenience or feelings of the mother or anyone else involved is simply an excuse to legalize murder! And it cannot be accepted.

The world has become a place full of confusion and where people no longer even understand right from wrong. We need to stop this. We need to fight against the media, against the entertainment industry which promotes immorality and all kinds of selfishness. We need to bring back purity and holiness to the world. This is up to each and every one of us whose hearts and souls motivate us to do something to make a change. We can each make this a better world.  We all need to speak up against this terrible law which legalizes murder of innocent babies .