Moshiach will reveal a new and higher light than has ever been revealed in the world before. As we approach that time, the G-dly revelations become more concealed in preparation for this new light so things often appear darker in the world. But the reality is that the world is just preparing for a greater light. I guess it is sort of like when you are in a theatre: before the next show, the curtains are drawn: thick, dark curtains that shut out the entire scenery. Then, when the curtains are lifted , the light shines so strongly and so brightly. The light was really there all the time but the curtains did not allow it to be seen.
I think now in these last moment of galus (exile) Hashem is putting up many screens, many curtains…sort of as a test. The idea is to make us aware of our deep inner darkness and problems so we can get rid of those things: so we can eliminate the falseness and reject the kelipa and truly fight for kedusha. Then we will certainly earn the geulah! It won’t just be a gift handed to us without effort. We have to work for it and the work now is purifying our inner selves, our animal souls, our subconscious minds and hence purifying our corner of the world. We need to get rid of garbage that accumulated over years (or maybe lifetimes). We have to see , like Avraham Avinu did, the falseness of so many things….the falseness of believing in the American dream, or the invincibility of America…the falseness of running after money and materialism, the falseness of believing in any force or entity other than G-d! I think we all have to realize our only hope and salvation in life is G-d. WE have to feel dependent on Him for everything, and be humble for the good that HE does. And we have to recognize that good constatly.
So as depressing as the world often looks, and as confusing as it can be, there are rays of light that bring joy to one’s heart. We need to cling to the light and hope that we find even in small victories or small things and with that we move forward towards redemption. Redemption will take place on many levels: the redemption of each person from their individual problems and suffering; the redemption of the Jewish people as a whole; the redemption of the entire world. But right now redemption starts within each of us. Within every Jewish soul is a part of Moshiach and we need to reveal that point and use it to bring redemption to the world. We need to know that the redemption is dependent upon each and every one of us, no exception. We each have a part to play. Just as the Lubavitcher Rebbe said that we need to learn about Moshiach and Geula in order to prepare for the Geula (redemption). And as we cleave to the Rebbe and all the things he taught us, we can move forward with confidence and happiness, knowing that the Rebbe did not abandon us: he simply wants us to take action and be proactive to bring Moshiach.
The entire world needs to prepare for redemption. For a non Jew, it is about keeping the seven Noachide laws and adding in deeds of goodness and kindness.

The seven Noachide laws are:
Do not profane G d’s Oneness: acknowledge there is one Creator and do not worship idols. Recognize that G-d guides everything with Divine Providence
Do not curse the Creator (respect Him and His creation), no matter how angry you become in life
Do not murder (this includes abortion)
Do not steal (which includes kidnapping)
Do not eat the limb of a living animal (this includes not causing pain to any living creature)
Do not commit adultery (this includes any type of sexual immorality, rape, incest or sexual abnormality)
Establish courts of law and make sure there is justice in the world

For a Jew, preparing for redemption is about keeping the Torah and mitzvot given at Mount Sinai and learning about Moshiach and geula.
We need to reveal the G-dliness hidden within the material world through the Torah. We need to reveal the light within the darkness; clarity within confusion.

To learn more about Moshiach and Geula please go to the section in this website about Moshiach and start reading! May we truly merit Moshiach very soon.