Light after darkness

I was watching an interview with Eva Sandler,  widow of Jonathan Sandler, and her strength is incredible, may Hashem continue  to give her strength and to comfort her among all the mourners of Zion and may  she know only simchas from now on. But one thing she said that truly entered my  heart: she said the spirit of the Jewish people can never be destroyed. And  honestly she is right.  I don’t know  how many people could react with the dignity, fortitude and chesed of Eva. She is a  remarkable, composed woman who, although totally broken, is able to put Hashem  first and Kiddush Hashem first and to think of others before her own grief.That is the power of the Jewish soul, to have  such a selfless reaction to tragedy ( and we certainly have experienced more suffering than any other nation in the world). But despite the darkness of galus and the suffering of generations we are  still able to retain our faith and our spirit and our love of G-d.  
This is truly a miracle, something super natural. This is the power of  Torah and of the Jewish soul. And I was thinking to myself that the acts of  terror perpetrated against Jewish people is all intended to break our spirit,  the spirit of our nation, but they will never succeed because the Jewish soul is  stronger than that and because G-d  is with us.  
Every terrorist tries to throw fear and doubts into the hearts of the Jewish people and isn’t that what Amalek is all about? To make us doubt Hashem and cool us off to yiddishkeit. But despite that the Jewish people collectively rally around and get rid of the  doubts, the questions and fears and we cleave even stronger to Hashem in a way that is above understanding or intellect: true, pure faith . It is like an explosion of goodness that happens. One can feel in the world a special pure spirit descend from Above to save the Jewish people: every Jew who died al   Kiddush Hashem brought a special light to the world. Nevertheless we scream out   to G-d “ad masai??” how long must we be in galus and suffer? We need Moshiach,
We deserve redemption after so much suffering. The only comfort we can accept
is Moshiach! And now that we are in the month of Nissan, the month of  redemption, we each must cry and beg Hashem to take us out of galus and to  redeem us from the darkness , as it says in Nissan they (the Jewish people)  were redeemed (from Egypt) and in Nissan they will be redeemed (with the coming  of Moshiach). So may it be this very year that we will sit at the seder table in yerushalayim with Moshiach! Together with all the holy Toulouse martyrs and all the tzadikim. May it be NOW.  And may it be redemption with rachamim and chesed. 
I was thinking about how every morning the sun rises. Hashem set  the nature of the world that way so we get accustomed to expecting light after  darkness. And if you think that light following darkness is automatic, don’t  take it for granted. When the Jews were in Egypt, one of the plagues was the  plague of darkness that lasted for three full days! But for the Jews there was  light and joy. 
Galus is darkness. But now the month of Nissan brings us to think  about redemption. And we have to expect redemption the same way we expect light 
after darkness, the rising of the sun after the nighttime. That is how our faith 
has to be concerning the coming of Moshiach. And the more darkness we see, the 
more our faith has to be strengthened that the light of redemption will follow  very fast. 
Now we have to keep in mind , as we clean for Pesach, that the 
light will follow the darkness and we will merit redemption immediately. That 
faith and light will always remain with the Jewish people and give us the
  strength to withstand the difficulties of galus. The main thing is to focus on
  the positive; the light, the redemption that will surely be immediate, bkarov mamash.