The presidential debate was, of course, a disaster.  But in my opinion, it does not matter.  Because whether or not Trump performed up to par, or whether Biden sounded a bit more coherent than usual (and some people are of the opinion that he was being prompted by a hidden hearing device, or he had the questions in advance and was well prepared) makes no difference to the final outcome. We always need to be wise and see to the future.  Trump has a record of accomplishing well and of following through on his promises. Biden has no plan, no solutions, and he speaks a lot….. but everyone knows he will not deliver. It is all lies.  He will make promises but he will not keep them. Biden is just a puppet in the hands of the left. That is the issue.   

The problem however goes much further than all of that.  Right now Trump has brought America to a place where there is greater morality (anti abortion, pro life, taking a strong stance against North Korea and terrorism, fighting against Iran’s evil plans, supporting Israel etc. etc.).  If Biden wins, the country will fall back into a state of immorality and chaos.  And that scares me .

However, I also keep in mind what the Torah teaches: that whoever wins the election wins because it is being orchestrated from Above for a purpose.  It is not a matter of free choice really.

We still have to pray. I feel that this election is more about morality and truth winning, than anything else.  A Biden run America will be pro abortion, pro muslims, anti Israel in their policies, very possibly supporting Iran again like Obama did,  and generally will be a disaster on so many levels.  A vote for Biden means a vote for the left. A vote for Trump means a vote for the right, and certainly a vote for greater morality and decency and hopefully better economy etc.

Trump obviously is not an angel without faults. But that is not what this election is focused on. We need to see what the results of the election will hold. Trump has leadership qualities; Biden does not. Trump has the ability to make quick and sound decisions; Biden does not. Trump is able to hold his own with the media; Biden cannot. Trump acts upon his promises; Biden will not. Trump understands economy; Biden does not. Trump publicized the fake news and he is right; Biden works with the fake media because many of them, like cnn, are prejudiced and clearly anti Trump. 

Biden, and the democrats in general, want to attack Trump and hold him responsible for the coronavirus. They always want to blame someone. But it is so ridiculous. Trump took action as needed, yet tried to avoid making the entire country panic. As it is, people panicked and there was a shortage of normal supplies for a long time. Imagine if he would have really panicked the country?? Trump is not responsible for the virus. It is something that is mushrooming in all countries worldwide and nobody is to blame. The virus comes from the Almighty and He will remove it and heal the world as well. It serves whatever purpose G-d wants it to. It certainly is not a chance situation or an “accident”.  Trying to blame anyone for a G-d given disaster, is very immature.  It is like blaming someone for a hurricane or an earthquake.

Long ago perhaps there were honest and good democrat candidates with sincere intentions. However, in the past many years, there are no longer good candidates among democrats. Each one is more corrupt or immoral than the next. And none of them offer proper solutions to the problems of the people.  

Last night the debate did not focus on the suffering of the people. That was a big mistake. It was all about finding things to attack each candidate on and make him defensive or look bad. It was a terrible fiasco . The mediator was terrible too. He was also disrespectful calling Trump “Sir” and calling Biden “Mr. Vice President”.  The disrespect all around was deplorable. The fact that Biden could tell Trump to shut up is unbelievable. Such blatant disrespect for the sitting President?? That, in itself, says volumes about Biden’s attitudes and unrefined character and that is a warning sign. If he can say that in front of the President on stage, what could he do if he becomes President?? He would have no respect for anyone. He would push democrat and leftist agendas and he would not care about anyone. The leftists don’t care about people, about suffering, about America, about Israel….nothing. They just want to prove their points and lead the country towards immorality and disaster. Hopefully the American people are not stupid and won’t fall for that.  Let us pray that it will all work out in the best way for the whole world. I believe that the Almighty will not allow a leader to arise who will destroy the greater morality that Trump built up. G-d matters. Torah matters. Morality matters.  We, the people, have to show that we understand that and that want a better world.  We have to show G-d that we care.

But, in all honesty, we do not need another President. We need Moshiach! Only Moshiach offers solutions to all the world’s problems.