How often do we isolate ourselves from others or decide there are people we do not want to associate with? How often do we choose to like certain people and reject others? How often do we separate ourselves from friends or family members through conflicts or other issues that arise, and many for reasons that are not even valid or justified?
So now, as we take a look at the coronavirus, we see how everyone is going into isolation. Everyone is avoiding visiting parents, grandparents and others. People are no longer having guests over. It has become a world of isolation. When it was not imposed upon us or mandatory, we were looking at isolation as a normal way of life in today’s society. Now that it is mandatory, we are beginning to see that it is not fun and we miss socializing. Suddenly we begin to value people and family that we took for granted. Suddenly we begin to realize the idea is to unite, not separate.
And maybe that is one of the spiritual purposes: to bring back a desire for connection and achdus (unity). And we know unity brings Moshiach. So now, as we are so close to the coming of Moshiach, the side of unholiness is trying all its “tricks” and accusations to cause disunity. But no matter what accusation has been made in Heaven against anyone, we need ot know that G-d , in His mercy, will not forsake us. He is waking us up with mercy and helping us to do teshuvah (correct whatever needs correcting) in these last moments of galus (exile). So let’s rise to the occasion. Stand strong in your faith! Stand strong in your trust in the Almighty. Increase in unity and care for others. And let’s pray hard for the Moshiach. That is truly the only solution to life’s problems. Nothing else matters.