Many people these days say they want to be “modern orthodox” or they want a more “modern” shidduch. What does that mean? There really is no such thing as “modern” orthodox. Basically, that means compromising on Torah yet trying to give it an “orthodox” name.   It is a subtle form of “reform” in a certain sense:  choosing what you want to do and how you want to do it (accepting some mitzvahs and rejecting others).

There is only one Torah. There are no different factions: reform, conservative, orthodox, modern orthodox…none of that has any validity. There is only Torah Judaism. This was the view of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. He never wanted to divide Jews into different groups. He would say “some people are more observant than others but there is only one Torah”

It is never good to label someone as “conservative” or “modern” because those terms mean nothing and yet people tend to identify and label themselves, which limits them in their spiritual growth and understanding.  Modern is, in fact, an insult. It sounds like the Torah is old fashioned and the person is modern.

Let us all rethink our attitudes and bring more unity among Jews by simply labeling all of us as “Jews”, some of whom are more observant and some of whom are less observant, but we all are united and connected through the same Torah.