Mishenichnos Adar marbim bsimcha

Finally Adar! This is the month when everything changes around. It is the month of laughter. Through laughter you can change everything. So laugh your way through Adar. this year we have two Adars! Double opportunity. 60 days of joy. And as the Lubavitcher Rebbe taught us, when there are 60 days of Adar, all negativity is botul bshishim! So dance, laugh and dance some more. Get rid of Amalek. Get rid of doubts. Get rid of impurity. Get rid of gezeras. This is the month to get rid of our enemies, internal and external. Let’s dance our way to geula! It is no wonder that Nissan follows Adar. After we get rid of our enemies and our doubts we are ready for redemption!