Every person sometimes has doubts in faith. We are only human: this is normal . 

But, there is a person who uses doubts to seek his creator and turn his eyes and heart to the heavens, and then his faith grows stronger.

And there is a man who takes advantage of doubts to justify his distance from  God and focuses on his heart’s desires and personal desires, and the more time passes, the less he believes.

I think this says a lot…..and it also sums up the political world today. There are those who may have doubts in our leadership but they try to understand and to be a support system and they eventually are able to see the good in everything.  They are able to see the good intentions and to see the moral values. 

Then there are those who take advantage of any negativity they observe in the leader, or the false lies they "create" through false "observations", and they seek only to use those things as an excuse to knock down leadership and to force their agendas on others. They are , namely, the fake media. They are also the leftists and liberals who seek only to force everyone to accept their immoral views and they put down anyone who seeks to uphold truth and morality.   It is incredible how the leftists want to force everyone to accept their views, their immoral ideals and to follow blindly a path of destruction.  Yet they have no respect for truth, morality and justice or for other’s viewpoints. They cheat and lie their way into power.  They think they can force everyone towards their side. 

Those who have negative intentions and selfishly go after their own agendas, will never succeed in the long run.  Maybe it is time for the world to wake up and see the hypocrisy and realize that many politicians are there for selfish reasons, not because they truly care about the people. 

I think that what happened with President Trump has been a shame. First of all, it is appalling how people have abused him with such horrible accusations, such lies, such shameful words and such lack of respect.  

And i think what is making everyone so sad and actually angry, is not that Trump lost and Biden got in….it is that they cheated their way in and forced Trump out….but even more than that, it is the idea of having an immoral, liberal, leftist govt running the country, that is really upsetting people.  We all feel cheated out of our value system. Trump supporters wanted Trump….but they also wanted a moral, clean and safer world. All the good that Trump accomplished, we have to pray will not be undone or overturned by this new regime. Sometimes America feels more like a communist country than a democratic one these days. It is democratic in name only….but certainly the behavior of the politicians and even many of the people is far from democratic. It is corrupt and unfair. On the other hand, maybe it is time for the world to understand that capitalism is not the answer nor is socialism. We do not need more "ism’s". We need a world and a society built on proper morality, kindness, care, compassion and truth.  For that to happen, we do not need more politicians. 

  But I comfort myself knowing that this world does not run itself. The Almighty runs the world, sees the whole picture and directs everything with Divine Providence towards the direction He wants.  In fact, maybe this is precisely why the left side "won" : so we do not become complacent in exile and we pray more for redemption.  Hopefully all of this will very soon lead to the coming of Moshiach!