Israel is the aggressor? Israel is the occupier?  Such chutzpa beyond even normal logic to suggest such a thing.

Yes, we occupy our own land, the land given to us by G-d Almighty! 

Firing hundreds of rockets at Israel seems to me to be the “aggressor”.  How can the terrorists even have the audacity to try to claim otherwise.

It is a totally illogical, emotionally based, foolish and a false accusation….. as usual.

When will the world wake up?? When will the world see reality? When will the world understand that terror can strike anywhere and for no reason. Just because one side decides they don’t like something, or they want to take over the world. It is as ridiculous as that.

So the next time someone dares to call Israel the aggressor, stop them and say “In my book, someone who shoots hundreds of rockets at innocent civilians is the aggressor.”

Next time someone wants to claim Israel is the occupier, say “Yes, occupying our own land. Just like Americans occupy their land, Europeans occupy their countries etc. What is the crime in that? Arabs have no claim to the land of Israel. They never did. G-d Almighty gave it to the Jewish people. It is our land, the holy land of Israel, and nobody has any right to claim any part of it. However, the arabs can certainly go to plenty of other arab countries. Why don’t they do so? Why do they insist on fighting with Israel, a small country in the midst of huge arab nations? It is a fight based on Torah: Esav hates Yacov.

And it wont get resolved with united nations or peace plans. It will get resolved when Israel stands up strongly and declares to the entire world the land of Israel belongs to the nation of Israel given to us by the G-d of Israel. Period. Nothing to negotiate. Nothing to argue. You cant argue with the Bible. When we speak the truth the world is quiet. When Israel is strong, the non Jews back down.

But let us all add in prayers for the protection of eretz Yisrael and the Jewish soldiers and Jewish people living there. Let us pray for protection of the Jews all over the world. And in fact, for the safety of the good and decent people everywhere.

Let us pray for Moshiach because until that time nothing is perfect and nothing seems right or logical.