Our forefather Abraham (Avraham Avinu) stood up against the entire world. At that time, everyone worshipped idols.  He was one person against the multitude. He stood up against falseness and lies. The whole world was against him. Nimrod tried to kill him by throwing him in a fiery furnace. His own father Terach tried to kill him.  But Avraham did not care. He knew the truth. He understood about the Creator o f the world and he stood up against all lies and spent his life spreading the truth to others.

We all have to be like Avraham Avinu. We need to stand up against falseness. This society is full of lies. Not only is the media false (fake news) but the entire society promotes lies, falseness and ideals that are totally against Torah. Abnormal behaviors are accepted by society.  Immorality is rampant. Everything goes….everything is selfishly oriented and people are totally confused.

So we need to stand up and fight for truth, reject evil, reject falseness and promote the awareness of the Creator. We need to work towards making the world a holier place, a better place and towards bringing redemption to the world with the coming of Moshiach.

So let’s all become like Avraham and Sara, teaching others about the Creator and being an example of holiness and goodness in this world of depravity, chaos and confusion.  Underneath it all truth and holiness is hidden. We need to reveal that in the world. So let’s get to work!