It is very sad that America runs on money.  Americans put money first and all other values second. People judge their self worth based on how much money they have. Would it not be much better to value one’s self worth based on having good character traits, how many people one helps, how large and good a family one has…..but in America, none of that is looked up to the way it should be.

In America, if someone commits a financial crime (a white collar crime) they often get imprisonment of 28 or 30 years.  For a murder, people sometimes get only 10 or 15 years! How could it ever be okay or justifiable to imprison someone longer for a financial crime than for an actual murder???

In other societies, families live together, enjoy life together, appreciate each other and are far happier than Americas. In America, people are taught separatism, independence, working hard (to the point of exhaustion) without an actual purpose, and trying to get somewhere in life (which leads people to feel empty and unhappy in the long run). In America, people who are wealthy are shown to be successful and supposedly happy.  But this is false. It is similar to celebrities who are portrayed in very rosy colors…but if you look into their person lives, more often than not you see misery, divorce, unhappy marriages etc. etc.   It is ironic that many of the roles these actors or actresses portray of happily married couples….but their personal life in their “real”marriages, they are miserable. 

And honestly, an actress who is married in real life and then plays the part of a married woman with a strange man, is doing something totally against modesty and truth. And I believe that negatively affects her own marriage. You cannot live in two worlds . And morality cannot be thrown away and then expect to see positive results in one’s personal life.

America is no longer the golden country it once was. It no longer has the value system it was originally founded on. Nor does it even present the type of opportunities it should.  We see how the US govt argues not to give women who give birth payment, trying to force them back to work almost immediately. This is terrible. A woman who gives birth has every right to take a break from work for about 6 weeks, to recuperate and spend time with her newborn. To try to force her back to work earlier , threatening lack of payment, is cruel!   Women who have children should be encouraged to do so.

Otherwise America is becoming like a communist state, or like china that advocates only one child per family.  It is no longer a place of freedom or rights. America is now being controlled by the govt and by media and by big corporations and nobody cares about the middle class or the poor who really are struggling. Nobody cares. This is what America has become. A place where nobody cares…..

The Lubavitcher Rebbe always called America a “medinat chesed”, a country of kindness. Where has that kindness gone? And why is it not being directed more towards its own citizens??