Everything we have in life is an undeserved gift from God.  Many young people in today’s society feel entitled, as if someone owes them something.  What they fail to realize is that NOBODY OWES THEM ANYTHING.  Everything is a gift to be appreciated.  Of course parents provide as much as they can for their children and usually do so with joy and good hearts.  Children may or may not appreciate what parents do for them.  But everyone can realize, by thinking deeply, that the Almighty creates us anew every moment, restores our soul to us every morning and gives us life, which is an undeserved gift right there because we did nothing to deserve being created or born.   

That is why we start the day with the prayer of modeh ani, thanking God for restoring our soul to us and granting us a new day to serve Him.

When we truly understand that everything we have is an undeserved gift, we can truly start to feel grateful in life. This is how gratitude is born.

If a person has more than they need in life, the person will feel rich. The person will feel blessed. The person will feel wealthy even if they are not truly wealthy but as long as they feel they have more than they actually need or even want, they will feel rich.

But a person will only feel grateful if they recognize and acknowledge that everything they have is an undeserved gift coming from the kindness of the Creator.

As we enter soon the Jewish new year and celebrate Rosh Hashanah, let us keep in mind this idea: to become happy with our lot. To appreciate what we have with humility.  When we are grateful, we are able to serve God with more joy. 

Wishing everyone a shana tova umetukah.