Well, we did stamp out Haman and Amalek. We did….but obviously it 
was not enough. Obviously the evil in the world is not yet gone. So now that we 
did our part, we can only turn to Hakadosh Baruch Hu and beg Him to do His…
 totally obliterate and remove from the face of the earth the evil terrorists
 who murder innocent children and people.   What can we say other than the 
Rebbe’s famous words: Ad masai??? How long must we suffer in exile? How long 
must this galus continue???  
The world was created as a finite entity. There is an end to everything. And
there has to be an end to suffering as well. there has to be an end to 
We all have to get up, as a collective entity, and demand that 
Moshiach come now. Demand that the world should be the holy, pure place that G-d 
intended when He created it. We have to demand that there should be an end to 
evil immediately. 
It is not a coincidence that today is Chaf Zayin Adar, the day 
the Lubavitcher Rebbe had his first stroke. The day that a horrible concealment 
began.  And as we get closer to the 
time of geulah, things just seem to be more concealed. Sometimes we find it hard 
to even find the bit of holiness and G-dliness inside ourselves, the bit of 
sanity that still remains in a chaotic world that does not seem to make any 
sense anymore.  How do we keep  going?
That is the message we take from Purim. We have to stamp out Amalek. 
We cannot allow Amalek to exist on any level. We have to stamp out the doubts, 
stamp out evil, stamp out impurity, stamp out anything that prevents us from 
feeling close to Hashem or from serving Hashem with simcha.  
 Certainly this message is universal and we have to scream out Ad 
masai. We have had enough of galus. We want Moshiach. We simply do not want 
galus anymore. It is enough. We suffered enough. We have to scream out that we 
have had enough and we cannot tolerate anymore. When Hashem hears that we are 
all fed up with this situation and we are not able to continue like this, when 
He sees we reached the end of our rope, that is the time for the yeshuah.  
 So we all have to truly scream ad masai from the depths of our 
souls and not stop until we actually have the geulah and Moshiach now.