Yesterday, Yud Aleph Cheshvan, was the yahrtzeit (hilloula) of Rachel Imenu. so let’s reflect for a moment upon the greatness of the Jewish mother. This is truly mother’s day!
What is it that we associate with Rachel Imenu? her tears! The tears of a Jewish mother crying for her children. The concept of arousing mercy for us, the Jewish people. 
The tears of Rachel cleanse us from spiritual blemishes and nurture us. And the tears of every Jewish mother cleanse and purify her children.
A Jewish mother gives us our essential identity as Jews…a child is only Jewish if the mother is Jewish. 
and a Jewish mother nurtures her children spiritually and physically and emotionally. A Jewish mother subconsciously and consciously influences her children from the time they are born, shaping who they are. 
A Jewish mother is the akeret habayit, the foundation of the home, the one who makes the holy spiritual atmosphere in her house and who teaches her children to serve Hashem with simcha, and who instills yirat Shomayim (fear of G-d) in her children. 
So Jewish mothers, let’s rejoice! Rejoice in our portion and in our role and let’s do our best to make our homes into miniature sanctuaries for G-d. 
May our tears bring mercy for our families. And may we merit the greatest expression of mercy which is the geulah shleima, the complete redemption through Moshiach.