Right now I am feeling very sad….and very  mad! Such a chutzpa that an evil arab terrorist entered a Jewish home and murdered three Jews for no reason other than that they are Jewish living peacefully in their homeland!
In honor and memory of these pure, innocent Jews who were murdered in their home this Friday night, on Shabbat, just before celebrating the shalom zachor of their newborn baby boy, I have added a new section to my website called Security of the land of Israel.
Go to the button called Moshiach and you will see under there a new category on the land of Israel. Click on it and please share the truth: that the land of Israel belongs to the Jews!! There can never be a two state solution. There can never be a Palestinian state in the land of Israel. And all the terrorism must STOP. Enough is enough!!! There is a limit to everything. This world is limited and there has to be a time for terrorism to stop. The time is now. May we merit Moshiach already.