Rosh Chodesh tov!!

Well now we are entering the month of Nissan, the month of nissim and geula! How exciting is that!! This year as you clean for Pesach, anticipate the redemption. Work hard, scrub your inner self, remove any trace of "chametz" (pride or ego or selfishness). Let’s make ourselves true vessels for the light of Hashem. This is what Pesach is all about. Why is it that the dough did not rise when the Jews left Egypt? think about it for a moment…they prepared their dough the night before and they took it with them for an entire day or more…it was way over 18 minutes! But their dough did not rise. Why? the reason is that Hadadosh Baruch Hu revealed Himself to them and in the face of such holiness and light the dough COULD not rise…it was total bitul. Total humility. And we have to feel that way also. Eating matza is eating G-dliness. So as you chew on your matza this year, have some deeper kavanas…but truthfully happy cleaning. Pesach cleaning is great. the feeling of holiness and light in the home as you scrub and remove dirt and chametz is an amazing feeling…only on Pesach. So happy cleaning, and a kosher freilichen Pesach to all