Recalculating your route

So many people are frustrated with their lives. They want things to be different. People make many assumptions. People expect things to happen at certain times, in certain ways. When those expectations are disappointed, people become frustrated, fall into despair, depression or bad moods.
But the problem is that we make too many calculations in life. We need to remember that the Creator of the world runs the world, knows what each of us needs, and He has the perfect master plan. if our ideas or plans dont synchronize with His, we need to realize He knows best. This is emunah, and btochon. Of course we can pray and ask and hope…..but we also need to be ready to change course if that is what is required.
I was driving in the car the other day. We passed our exit. Suddenly the familiar voice of the GPS "recalculating route". and we set out on a new direction.
Then it hit me. That is how we have to live our lives. To be ready to recalculate our routes. To go where it is Hashem wants us to go. And to do so with happiness. 
Recalculating our route is about accepting G-d’s plan with happiness and with complete trust. And it all works out for the best. In the end you get to the same destination….just on a different road. The journey might even turn out nicer, with better scenery. so dont be afraid to recalculate your route. Dont look upon a mistake as a problem, or a challenge as a disaster. Just recalculate and go forward. G-d is the driver and He is going with you….