So what does it mean when we say Pesach is the season of our freedom: zman cheruteinu?  Of course we commemorate leaving Egypt and becoming a free nation. But we know that every Jewish holiday is not just about commemorating the past. Each holiday is applicable on a spiritual level even today.
So what is true freedom?
Each and every one of us has limitations and things that prevent us from serving Hashem with true joy. We have various problems, whether spiritual, material or even within our own personalities. 
We need to leave our personal egypt. We need to leave our personal limitations, go beyond our limits, and do experience true freedom.
It can be as simple as learning to take stress in stride: meaning to accept whatever stress we feel with greater happiness and to cope in a more suitable manner. For example, if in the past you found it hard to accomodate many guests for pesach, perhaps this year you will take in that extra guest without feeling phased in any way.
If in the past you would find yourself feeling depressed or nervous about your pesach preparations, perhaps this year you will try to do everything with greater simcha and to make your family feel happy and to concentrate on the joy of the holiday rather than the difficulties or pressures.
There are so many opportunities for us to go out of our limitations and worries, fears, problems etc.
We need to figure out what our issues are and then consciously work on fixing them.
And Hashem helps us. just as He took us out of Egypt, He makes it easier for us to go out of our personal egypt now as well. he redeems us from our personal problems. 
So we experience yetziat mitzraim each pesach in our own way.
So this year let’s enjoy Pesach. And let’s concentrate on the idea of Moshiach, of redemption.
In Nissan we were redeemd from egypt. and in Nissan we will be redeemed with Moshiach. May it be now! may we already find ourselves in Jerusalem for the first Pesach seder in the third beit hamikdash. Chag  vsameach!