On a subconscious level, everyone senses that something is not right in the world. This is not the world that the Creator envisioned when He created it.  This is not the perfection of the world.  We all know that when Moshiach comes the world will reach its true level of perfection. The fact that Moshiach is not here yet creates anxiety, but in reality, that anxiety is the only healthy form of anxiety to have. A concerned, caring person feels anxiety over the fact that we are still in exile.   Why is Moshiach not here yet?

Instead of feeling apathetic about life or society, we feel energized to work harder to rectify reality: to fix what needs fixing in the world. We want to make the world a better place. The anxiety we have about why Moshiach is not here yet, fuels us to do more.  

The coming of Moshiach is a process. It began thousands of years ago.  We are the generation that will complete the work. The Lubavitcher Rebbe gave that task over to our generation and that should be the main focus of everything we do.  There are people who get discouraged, wondering why things seem to get worse and more difficult and the redemption seems further away….but this is the test of our generation. We need to continue having faith in the imminent redemption and in the words of the Rebbe. He promised we will soon welcome Moshiach. The Rebbe never lied. Everything he ever said came true. This will too.

In Egypt, the Jews went through a similar test.  Moshe came and said the time for redemption arrived….then he was forced to disappear for many years and return later to actually take the Jews out of Egypt. Before that happened, the Egyptian exile got worse, suffering increased and yet the Israelites kept believing in Moshe and in their freedom.  This belief and faith actually was the merit that brought their freedom and salvation.  And it is our belief and faith that will bring the final redemption too.

We need to work harder, prayer harder and demand Moshiach.  There are people who try to justify suffering in the world.  But just like Moshe Rabbenu, we need to cry out and beg the Almighty to end suffering and bring perfection to the world.  Thousands of years of persecution and suffering is enough. The collective suffering of the Jewish people is more than enough!  We need to stubbornly refuse to accept exile….we need to stubbornly demand redemption and not become discouraged if outwardly things seem to look worse, or society becomes more confusing, more difficult and darker. This is just a test and we need to look beyond that and continue to imagine the good world that the Creator wants to bestow upon us.  However, He also wants us to earn that good world by increasing in good deeds, prayers and by truly wanting Moshiach. The Rebbe said years ago that if we really wanted Moshiach, he would have been here by now.

We all have to ask ourselves: do we really want Moshiach? Do we really understand how incredible the world will be when Moshiach comes?    We will not lose anything when Moshiach comes. We will not give up anything (other than negativity). Every aspect of life will become enhanced and reach perfection.  Once we learn more about Moshiach, we yearn more for his coming  

Please take time to read the section of Moshiach and Geula to prepare for the redemption, may it be very soon!