Does anything change with a new Prime Minister in Israel?  The political dynamics might….but our goal to bring Moshiach does not change.   We are not impressed with politics. We are not impressed with the formation of a new government in Israel (especially a far left leaning govt which capitulates on matters of importance for security). We are not impressed with any politicians anywhere in the world….because politicians do not offer solutions to the world’s problems and woes. Politicians are inherently flawed human beings, who put their own agendas first.  Many are corrupt. But even the ones who seemingly mean well, are selfishly oriented and interested in what promotes their own interests. It is never about putting the people first. It is never about standing up to injustice. It is never about fighting for morality and truth. It is never about making sure the poor people are properly taken care of and the middle class does not disappear. We need to realize that governments have always let us down in one way or another. And if there ever was a decent govt or world leader, he did not last too long. After a while people wanted a change the change was always towards a more liberal, secular society.  It is time to realize we need to wake up and see the damage of politics.

Only Moshiach offers true long lasting solutions to the chaos in the world.  We are tired of putting our hopes in politicians.  They have never solved the world’s problems and they are not meant to. We are not meant to put our faith in human beings. We must turn to the Almighty and demand a new world: a world of purity and goodness.    Rather than spend time criticizing the new govt, we just need to go forward, focused on our goal of adding in goodness and kindness; adding in Torah and mitzvot, and simply working to bring Moshiach and redemption to the entire world.  The less we are involved in politics the better!