Two state solution? It is a two state disaster!   In the Bible itself, in fact, in this week’s Torah portion, G-d Almighty openly declares that He gave the land of Israel to the Canaanites to live on temporarily and He is going to take it from them and give it to the Jewish people and our descendants forever.   G-d never said there should or could be any two state solution!   In fact, there is not even one state….because the land of Israel is not a ‘STATE”. It is a HOLY LAND given to us by the Almighty and it needs to be looked at as such.

I am not impressed by the visit of Joe Biden to Israel. On the contrary! It was only to serve his own political purposes and to pressure Israel into giving “humanitarian aid” to Gaza and to pressure Israel for a false ideology of a two state “solution”. 
I will venture to say this: even the so called humanitarian aid to Gaza is a mistake. It allows hamas to regroup, have supplies and continue terror. There are unlikely to be innocent civilians in Gaza. And even if one wishes to believe there are, it is not the problem of Israel to protect them. Terrorists are working out of Gaza. Period. They need to be eliminated no matter what it takes. This is war. And if there are innocent people, let the other arab countries take them in. But you see, nobody wants them!  Because everyone knows they are not innocent and they are also supporters of hamas and their ideology.  So if other so called “fellow muslims” will not take in the civilians from Gaza, why does the world expect Israel to do anything???

Just like there is no such thing as Palestinians, there is also no such thing as a two state solution. There can never be.  Besides, even the arabs do not want two states: they want everything. They have stated their intentions clearly . They simply want to destroy Israel and take over the entire country. So why is anyone trying to negotiate two states??? 

I was shocked to see Anthony Blinken say Israel has to consider who will take over if hamas is eradicated….is he for real??? No, Israel does not have to consider that. Did anyone have to consider who might take over if the nazis were defeated? You dont fight evil like that. You need to eradicate any evil terrorists and not have any other considerations except saving lives. This is the liberal mentality which has eroded society.

Also, the so called Palestinians constantly want to steal from the Jews. They try to steal our prophets, our Biblical stories (which they change to make their own), and they want to steal our land.  Enough!!  When will the world see the truth? It is time for the world to wake up and read the writing on the wall.

And to be honest, it is not only hamas that needs to be eradicated. It is any terrorist organization intent on killing Jews. There are many unfortunately. They all need to be eliminated when they rear their ugly heads. But perhaps, if Israel stands strong and states the truth loudly for all to hear, there will not be a need for war. The fear of G-d will fall upon our enemies and they will scatter realizing they have no leg to stand on.

So if you ever hear the concept of two state solution again, scream NO loud and clear. There is no such a thing. It is a myth.  Israel needs to say the truth: the land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people only because the G-d of Israel gave it to us forever.  That is the only truth. As such, there can be no giving away land, no two states, and no mercy for evil terrorists like hamas who only want to destroy the Jews, G-d forbid.  We need to do what is right and to stand up to fight evil.  This is a battle of good and the opposite. And good will win because we have G-d on our side!