G-d blessed the seventh day and He made it holy: this is speaking about the Shabbat (Shabbos).

What did He bless it with? He blessed it with manna. What is manna? It is an abundance that sustains. It is parnassa. So from keeping Shabbat we are blessed with an abundance of parnassa. Even though we do not work on Shabbat, our parnassa comes from Shabbat. Because we rest on Shabbat and we demonstrate our trust in G-d, He bestows His blessings upon us including the blessing for an abundant livelihood.

All Jewish women and girls (from three years old and up) should light Shabbat candles at the proper time (you need to get a Jewish calendar to see in your location what time Shabbat begins each Friday at sundown) . And we need to prepare before Shabbat an abundance of delicious foods and delicacies to be eaten on Shabbat.  And when we honor Shabbat, we find blessing in our lives.

By keeping Shabbat we bring the geulah closer. In fact the Torah says that if the Jewish people collectively will observe properly Shabbat two weeks in a row, Moshiach will come. So let’s increase our observance of Shabbat and may we merit soon the time that will be all Shabbat, the time of  the Messianic era.

Let’s make Shabbat great again!