The first days of Pesach (Passover) emphasize the redemption from Egypt (Mitzraim).  But the emphasis of the last two days Pesach is on the future redemption with the coming of Moshiach.  We eat a Moshiach seuda on the eighth day of Pesach (before nightfall we gather our family and we drink four cups of wine or grape juice again and eat matza). This is the meal of Moshiach. On the eighth day of Pesach in particular shines the light of Moshiach.

Let us pray that this year we will merit the complete redemption with Moshiach and find ourselves in Jerusalem with the third Beit Hamikdash for the seudat Moshiach. Let’s keep our spirits up because no matter what, very soon we will merit the redemption .  We know that for a fact. Therefore we need to constantly believe every day, at every moment, that Moshiach will come. Our faith will in fact bring the Geula. Chag sameach!!