So we are now entering Adar and we all know the famous saying "Mishenichnos Adar marbim b’simcha": when Adar enters we increase in simcha (joy). 

Well, Zohar tells us that the month of Adar is the time for laughter. The letter corresponding to this Jewish month is the letter kuf which is connected to laughter. It is the letter that controls the sense of laughter. 

so Adar is all about laughing. Just keep laughing all the time. And as you laugh, things change….things change for the better. Even if something looks terrible, looks impossible, just keep laughing because through simcha, through laughter, you can change every decree. You can change things completely, as it says that in this month, everything turns around. And this is the month when the Jewish mazal is strong.  It is the month when we also stamp out and get rid of Amalek….not only the physical nation of Amalek, but the spiritual counterpart which means doubts. those little doubts that creep into our minds and souls and attempt to throw cold water on our faith and enthusiasm. But we have to get rid of doubts and introduce enthusiasm and new energy into our service