Now is the new Hebrew month of Iyar.  Iyar is an anacronym for the words “Ani Hashem Refoecha” (I am the Lord Who heals you).   So may this month bring true healing to everyone who needs. And when the Almighty heals, without going through an intermediary, there is no trace of any illness.

But we pray that we should merit healing for the entire world, with the coming of Moshiach. 

Now in these days of sefirat haomer, we need to increase in our ahavat Yisrael: love of a fellow Jew. We need to show respect and care for one another. There are so many things that divide people. We need to find the points that unite us. We need to be able to appreciate that others can have a different opinion or a different perspective and as long as it is within the frame work of Torah, we need to respect that.

Unity is so important, and from such a high level, that in a generation where there was unity (even if that generation was wicked), the Almighty did not punish them because of their love and unity. This is how important unity is.  As parents, we love to see our children getting along well and loving each other. It makes us very uncomfortable or unhappy when there are conflicts, fights and disrespect. The same with G-d: He wants to see His children getting along well and caring for one another.  So let’s start now. After all, that is how things will be when Moshiach comes. But in order to bring Moshiach faster, we need to increase in love and unity now.

Today is Beis Iyar, the birthday of the fourth Lubavitcher Rebbe, the Rebbe Maharash. His motto was "Lechatchila arriber": when confronted with an obstacle or challenge, do not try to go under it or around it. In the first place, go over it as if it dos not exist.  And with that attitude, one can move forward positively in life: nothing will stop a person from doing what is right or what is his mission in life.  May we all live with this concept and strive non stop to bring Moshiach!