Is America truly a democratic country anymore?  With the rise of the leftists to power, America is now becoming, effectively, almost a communist style regime.   It is not really democractic or republican anymore.  Why do I say that? Because , although we are still a capitalistic country, capitalism is now only relevant for the wealthy. Middle class cannot afford anything, including the high taxes they are asked to pay and the high expenses of opening any business, paying employees etc.  America is becoming increasingly an elite country: it is either the wealthy, or the poor (middle class are either becoming wealthy, or falling into a state of poverty).

Freedom of speech is being taken away. People are being censored on social media. People are being misquoted and misjudged by the “fake” news. President Trump was absolutely right about the fake news. He was the only politician to have the courage to call them out.  

While still sitting in office, President Trump has been removed from his social media. He has been demoralized, degraded and humiliated. He has been falsely accused of starting riots, despite the fact that during the summer riots, the same leftist and political leaders did nothing to quell the riots and even encouraged them….but they were not held accountable. And President Trump did not even say anything to start the riots in washington. But , as usual, the leftists jumped at any excuse to blame him and to use that as an excuse to impeach him and remove him from office. 

President Trump was impeached without even a trial….is that perhaps reminiscent of the soviet methods of “trying” people in their absence and sentencing them to exile in Siberia??  It is appalling and certainly does not represent democracy as we have always known it.

What this country really needs now is an alternative political party which is all about morality, keeping God in the picture, and fighting evil. A political party who will put the people first and make sure everyone can afford medical care, medications, rent etc.  A political party that will be a voice for the people, not a controlling tyranny hiding behind the mask of “freedom” and “democracy”.  How strange that everyone is wearing a fake mask these days…..not only for the coronavirus.  

This country needs a new, fair and honest social media platform , as well as a truthful news station. But, since none of this seems too likely in the near future, I realize we simply cannot put our hope in politicians at all. And we are not supposed to. We need to hope only in Hashem. At least we can comfort ourselves knowing that what we really all need, and what the entire world needs , is Moshiach. We need redemption from this dark, difficult exile. We need freedom from negativity, impurity, immorality, dishonesty and corruption.   Let us pray for the time very soon when we will be freed from all the suffering and sadness that accompanies exile and we will enter a new era of goodness, kindness and peace for all.