One thing this coronavirus has accomplished is to bring out good in many ways: suddenly people are offering things for free and offering all kinds of help to parents, families, children etc. (in terms of entertainment on line, classes and many services).  Our perspective changes suddenly in the face of a pandemic.

So now let’s step into a different world. Let’s imagine how the world will be when Moshiach comes. This is in some ways a small taste of the Messianic era, when the entire occupation of the world will be to know G-d. There will be no wars, no jealousy, no anger, no lack of care.  People will be busy doing good and adding in goodness. People will realize what their true desire and purpose is: to live a proper spiritual life and to serve the Almighty.

In society, especially western society, people get entangled in materialism. Priority becomes chasing money and trying to get every last penny out of people.  Corporations do not care if someone is struggling financially and cannot afford something.  Companies over charge for basic things. Life is expensive beyond normality. Everyone has “reasons” why something has to cost so much….

Suddenly, however, the virus has removed excuses and many things have suddenly become free or much cheaper.  

There is a glimmer of an era when everything will be fair and everyone will have what they need without worry. 

So let us not lose the momentum: let us pray for the time when this reality will permeate the world with the coming of Moshiach. Let us realize how much better the world could be. Let us not lose sight of what our purpose is and what the Almighty wants from us.  He wants us to treat each other with love, care and respect. He wants us to be kind to one another and helpful and not take advantage of anyone. We need to realize that if we give something at a better price, we will not lose out: we will in fact be rewarded for making life easier for others.  We need to cultivate that attitude of faith and trust in Above that we will have what we need without taking advantage of someone else. We will have what we need when we show true care for another. We can share without feeling we are losing something. We can give unconditionally. We can be the kind of people we should be when Moshiach comes.

Let’s start now. Let’s start living like we are in the era of Moshiach and when we do that, very soon we really will find ourselves redeemed from exile and in Jerusalem with the third Beit Hamikdash!
Pesach is all about freedom: freeing ourselves from our limitations, including our spiritual , emotional and psychological limits. It is all about growing to a better level and improving our character traits. It is all about jumping and leaping over obstacles into a better situation. May we leap out of exile into Geula now!