Why did Hashem take a pure holy neshomah from its place in the Heavenly spheres and put it inside a physical body which greatly limits the soul and is actually a suffering for the neshomah?

Why did Hashem create this world, full of darkness and impurity, and desire a dwelling place here?

These are all questions which the study of Chassidus will answer. But briefly the idea is that when a soul is in a physical body in this physical world, down here is where the soul connects to the very essence of G-d . Many people mistakenly think that in the heavenly realms is where the soul can connect more to G-d. But that is not true. Down here is where G-d revealed His essence. And through doing Torah and mitzvos, a soul is able to connect to the very essence of G-d while never actually seeing G-d. In the heavenly realms there is more light, but in this world there is more essence.

People have an ego. We want to be like G-d. We feel we are important. But why do we have that feeling? Because G-d Himself has that feeling. G-d knows He is all important and the Supreme Being, the only true existence. But G-d has no ego. It is simply truth. We , in this darkness of galus, feel ourselves to be important because the ego gets in the way: in other words, that feeling we have, which is a reflection of G-d, becomes corrupted in this material world and therefore it is no longer a holy attribute. That is why we need to nullify our egos and work on constant humility and being bitul, nullified, ,in front of G-d.

However, when Moshiach comes, that feeling of self importance will be able to be used in a holy way for good purposes because there will no longer be yetzer hara or any negativity in the world. The spirit of impurity will be removed from the world and only holiness and truth will shine.

So now we can get a taste of this bitul on Pesach. The entire concept of Pesach revolves around being bitul, around nullifying our egos and inflated sense of self importance. That is why we eat matza which is flat, as opposed to bread which rises and inflates. The matza itself is G-dliness. Shumura matza is actual G-dliness and holiness and helps us to experience true bitul.

So as we crunch away on our matza this year, let’s think deeply about getting rid of our egos and our personal chametz. Let’s think deeply about why our souls are in this material world and how we can prepare the world for Moshiach. May it be speedily now.