Chanukah commemorates the miraculous victory of the Maccabees against the Greek/Syrian army. Of course one of the major part of the miracle was the small flask of pure olive oil found in the Beit Hamikdash which was not defiled by the Greeks and still had the seal of the Cohen gadol on it.  This oil lasted eight days and nights even though it was only sufficient for one day.  The idea behind that on a spiritual level is that we need to light our souls with pure oil, meaning untainted by secular ideas. This has to do with educating children based on purity and holiness and not mixing in unholy , secular concepts.  The Greeks wanted to take away the Jewish faith which accepted Torah and mitzvot based on faith rather than understanding.

Nowadays Chanukah is just as relevant. We may not be fighting the actual Greek army….but we are fighting assimilation and “Greek” (or liberal, secular ) ideas that oppose God’s will and His Torah.  We need to be strong like the Maccabees and withstand the onslaught of non Jewish or liberal ideas which are so prevalent these days.

The liberal parties and liberal ideas are destroying society in general. They are anti religion, anti family, anti anything moral or truthful…..the Chanukah lights light up the darkness of exile and the darkness of the world in general. This is why we light the candles so that they are seen in a public place….to affect even those areas that are outside our homes so they also become lit up with holiness and gain strength to oppose the darkness of the world.

Chanukah sameach to everyone!! Light up the darkness. Even a little light dispels much darkness….