Going with G-d

This week’s Torah portion is Lech Lecha. One of my favorites. it is the story of how G-d commands Avraham to go: leave your country, your birth place, your father’s house and go….but go where? just go and Hashem says He will show Avraham the land He wants him to go to.
In life we all have our journeys….our challenges, our growths, our tests. Hashem tells us go….dont worry, just go because Hashem is going with us. We are never alone. And this world is His. He created it.  He writes the script. We are merely the players. And when you simply go where G-d brings you and you do His will, you succeed in whatever mission G-d gives you. you elevate your portion of the world and bring light into whatever situation or place you find yourself.
So we are all like Avraham and Sara. we go where G-d wants to fulfill His purpose in creation. And we are never alone for G-d Himself goes with us.