Exile now and then….

As we learn this weeks Torah portion (and actually the previous portion and the next one as well), we see how much the Jewish people suffered in Egypt and how Moshe, the Redeemer, announced the redemption but then he had to leave Egypt only to return many years later…..but the Jews never despaired of being redeemed even though it certainly could have brought doubt to their minds. 
We know how Hashem Himself did not allow Moshe Rabbenu to speak against the Jewish people in any way….Hashem understood the suffering of the Jews in exile and did not take personally their complaints. 
And we see how the Jews remained strong in their faith and in that merit were redeemed.
Then I find myself thinking about nowadays….we are still in exile, in a bitter, dark exile.  The Rebbe announced that the time for our redemmption has arrived….and then the Rebbe’s physical presence was concealed until the time for the actual complete redemption. Yet we also cling to our faith and do not give hope of redemption. And may our faith actually bring about the redemption for all the Jewish people very, very soon.
Just like back in egypt the Jews had light in their dwelling places, unaffected by the plague of darkness, so too now may we always have spiritual light in our homes, unaffected by the spiritual darkness of galut.
And just like back then the Jewish nation did not compromise on their essential Jewish identities, so too now may we not compromise on any part of our Jewishness.
Just like back then it was the Jewish women who kept the men strong and focused on redemption, so too now may we Jewish women keep the men and children strong and focused on our goal: Moshiach.
Back then the Jewish nation sank to the 49th level of kelipa and were immediately redeemed , but nowadays we will not have to go out of exile with the same haste….and even though back then not all Jews were redeemed, (some died in teh plague of darkness so the egyptians would not know about it), this time, with the coming of Moshiach every single Jew will go out of exile. And may it be with even greater miracles than the redemption from Egypt. 
This time we will be redeemed but there will be no further exile. it will be a complete redemption.
The Rebbe said we are the same generation that left Egypt…and we will be the first generation of geulah now. 
We have to remain firm in our faith and belief in the coming of Moshiach. We need to study about Moshiach. Live with the idea of Moshiach. And open our eyes to see the world through the eyes of Moshiach. 
Then we will go with our sons and daughters, our elders and little ones, to greet Moshiach very soon in Jerusalem.
So whenever a little voice of doubt or despair enters, just tell yourself: this is just a test to see if we are strong in our  belief. Silence those little voices of doubt. Pay no attention to them. And as you strengthen your belief, you will start to see how the world is moving towards redemption. May it happen all of a sudden, just like that, when we least expect it.
May we all merit the complete redemption immediately now and may it be with wonders and miracles.