Everybody needs to blame somebody. It is a universal trait. Whenever something goes wrong in the political arena they start pointing the finger at someone. Someone has to be blamed for mistakes. There is always someone that is sacrificed in the blame game.  Because somebody always has to be blamed. It is easier to blame someone else than to take responsibility.

This is the problem in society today. People do not take responsibility for their actions. They search for ways to alleviate guilt by blaming others.

It happens at all levels of society from the political arena to the family.

Don’t children always try to blame parents? Children constantly want to blame their parents for every problem they have whether it is emotional, psychological, financial, social etc. 

The Lubavitcher Rebbe once said that children always try to blame parents even though it is wrong to do so in most cases….but since parents are the closest to their children it is much easier to blame the parents than anyone else! 

But it is so important for people to learn to take responsibility. To admit mistakes and do the right things to fix relationships or society or morality etc. 

Until we all learn to take responsibility, things do not get fixed properly. If a person cannot recognize their mistakes , they cannot fix them. If a person cannot see the truth or admit the truth, problems continue. 

When someone is suffering they like to find someone to blame. It must be that other person who caused their suffering.  But in reality we learn in Torah that whatever happens is from Above and even if another person hurts you or causes you suffering, he or she is just a messenger from Above because that as already decreed to happen. Of course the person causing the pain has to admit their mistakes and do teshuvah for themselves, but the person being hurt has to realize there is a purpose and they need to fix whatever needs fixing within themselves. 

So instead of playing the blame game, let’s all do our best to play the claim game: claiming responsibility for our errors and admitting our mistakes. Basically this is called teshuvah! 

Next time we are tempted to blame someone else, stop and think and let’s all take responsibility for our own actions and make this world a better place.