The elections have certainly been in tune with this year’s overall vibe….throwing everyone into chaos!  But, as the saying goes, “It’s not over til it’s over.”  For some reason, nobody that I know can accept Biden and Harris as their presidents.  We still believe Trump will win, will play his ‘trump card” and come out victorious.

But it is not really about who is going to be president.  This is a battle between good and evil.  If Biden had a good agenda in mind, nobody would care so much.  But he does not. He already is planning to reverse and reinstate the Iran deal. He plans to undo all the good Trump has accomplished.

And nobody can wrap their heads around going backwards: back to immorality, evil, danger and a world of instability.  Nobody wants that.  America was founded on religious principles. Biden and Harris do not want to continue those principles.  They are against everything which is right. They are pro abortion, pro Palestinians, pro immorality and liberal rights….basically, a disaster for America.

For sure we all want Moshiach. That is the solution, and only solution, to all the problems of the world. 

And surely that will happen soon.

But in the meantime, this is a fight between good and evil….and good has to win!  That is what is really bothering everyone.  The fact that the democrats cheated to get into power is evil. It is wrong.  It cannot be successful ultimately. So let’s increase our prayers, our good deeds and wait to see the miracles that the Almighty will do . In one moment everything can change around…..so no matter what the media tries to say, it is all a conspiracy from the leftists.  What they forget is that G-d has other plans.   What I believe is that He wants to expose the corruption and evil of the leftists. Now, just before Moshiach, the evil in the world has to be revealed and defeated. 

We continue to pray for a Trump victory.  If for any reason that does not happen, then we know this definitely is orchestrated from Above for a purpose we cannot see but which will ultimately lead to redemption from this very dark exile.   That is the only goal we really want now: a world perfected under Moshiach. A world which will reflect G-d’s original intent in creation of the world.