I read an article depicting how the British royal family raises their children. It is forbidden for a child to scream or shout or behave in an inappropriate manner.  If a child does scream or become angry or throws a tantrum etc., one of the parents takes that child aside, sits with them on the couch and talks calmly to them until the child calms down.  

I thought to myself how we, the Jewish nation, are royalty. We are the children of the King of the universe.  As such, it behooves us to behave in a royal manner and to emulate the King of Kings.  This is the way to raise our children also: to constantly tell them that such and such behavior does not befit royalty.  We need to be an example to the world.

A true example of royalty was the Lubavitcher Rebbe.  He personified royalty and dignity. His wife as well. And going further back, the Rebbe’s mother, Rebbetzin Chana (whose yahrtzeit we commemorate this Shabbat, vav Tishrei) was royalty herself and the mother of royalty. This is true royalty.

But a Jewish king is not looking for honor or attention. A Jewish king is all about humility and compassion and caring for His nation.  This was the manner of King David.  And this will of course be the special qualities of King Moshiach, may we merit his arrival very soon.