Hmm, well that was a quick "war"…..of course, as usual, Israel backed down at the wrong time. However, we are grateful that soldiers did not have to go into gaza and risk their lives….it is not worth it when the Israeli govt simply does not do the right thing. The entire situation is ridiculous. for years the arabs are screaming about Israeli being "aggressors", "occupiers", etc. etc.  Nothing could be more absurd!
Yes, we are occupiers…of OUR OWN LAND! the land G-d gave to the Jewish people. It is clearly written in the Bible. Nobody can argue with G-d. 
At one point in history perhaps the Ottoman empire ruled Israel, or perhaps the Greek empire ruled Israel, or perhaps the British empire or the Turks did…and even perhaps the arabs did. But that does not make them the owners of the land! 
Now we, the Jews, have taken over the land and it is ours. But besides historically speaking,, it is ours from a religous perspective because it is G-d given. No other land in the world can make that claim.
And no other country in the world would even attempt to share their country with a second nation. Two state solution??? it is a joke. The arabs just want an excuse to get into the country and take over , G-d forbid. They dont want two states and should we even consider such an absurd idea??? 
Yet we always feel we need to convince the world of our "right to self defense"> Tell me, did the United States try to convince anyone of their right to self defense when attacked by terrorists? why is it only Israel that needs to convince the world of things?
Because the world is one sided and anti semitic. that is the reality. the media makes Israel look bad and the arab oppression look terrible…but there is only an arab oppression if the arabs start their terror attacks, throw missiles on innocent people and begin the fighting. why cant the world see that?? the only solution is to say the truth to the world: this land of Israel belongs to us because G-d gave it to us. that is it. May Hashem help the leaders of Israel, even the secular ones, to say the right things and make the right decisions